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We invite applications from Master students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty within 5 years of their PhD. There are no restrictions based on citizenship, country of study, or country of employment. The Summer Institute will be held in English. We expect to invite about 20 to 30 participants for this partner location in Bamberg.

The Summer Institute aims to bring together computational social scientists across all levels of technical experience. We will provide additional readings in advance of the Institute that will help bring those with less exposure to social science research up to speed. Moreover, all participants will have access to DataCamp modules that provide an introduction to programming in R.

The aim of this partner location is to build and expand a network of computational social scientists in Germany. We invite applications not only from participants with a background in both computational methods and social science, but especially from those who seek to acquire new skills in either of these domains.

How to Apply

To apply please visit: https://goo.gl/forms/Sbftka8Gci65hn7L2

Application materials were due Monday, February 25, 2019. We are no longer accepting applications.

On this form, we ask that you provide some basic information about yourself and your academic background. To be considered, all applicants must submit the following documents in English language via the link above: (i) a curriculum vitae, (ii) a statement (maximum two pages) describing both any current research and your interest in computational social science, (iii) one writing sample (no more than 35 pages). Co-authored work is acceptable for the writing sample, but if you submit co-authored work, we recommend that you include a few sentences describing the contributions of each individual author.

Applicants who are Master students or PhD students must also submit one letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor. The letter of recommendation should be as informative as possible about your standing in your program, general ability, research potential, and (if applicable) special interest in computational social science. All applications must include an e-mail and an alternative means of contact (e.g. phone number). We can offer support grants to cover housing and meal costs for a limited number of non-local participants, up to a set cap. Please indicate in your form whether you want to be considered for receiving a support grant.

In order to be guaranteed full consideration, all application materials must be received by Monday, February 25. We will notify applicants solely through e-mail in mid-March, and will ask participants to confirm their participation very soon thereafter. Recommendation letters and inquiries can be sent to compsocsci.bamberg[at]gmail.com.

Application - Frequently Asked Questions

Can bachelor students also apply? Can associate or full professors also apply?

No, unfortunately applying is only possible for Master students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty within 5 years of their (first) PhD.

Can I also submit a writing sample written in Germany?

If you are a Master or Phd student and can not yet provide an English writing sample, it is possible to submit a sample written in German. However, in this case you are required to append some indicator of English proficiency to one of your application files. This must not necessarily be a certificate from a language test. For instance, you can also append a statement about a considerable amount of time spent in an English speaking country.

Filling out the form requires a google account. Can I rather submit my application elsewhere?

It is only possible to submit your application via the form linked above. However, it does not matter which google account you use to fill out the form. No data associated with the account are relevant for the application. If you nevertheless feel uncomfortable about uploading files, you can instead provide (working!) links to external sources. As an example, instead of uploading your C.V. in the form, you could upload a file including a link to your C.V. file stored elsewhere.

I would like to know more about the topics covered at SICSS Bamberg. Can you provide more details?

We are currently still in the process of finalizing the schedule. It might be helpful for you to know that it will be similar to the schedule of SICSS 2018.