We are inviting applications from Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and untenured faculty within 7 years of their Ph.D. We are hoping to have wide participation from researchers across different departments, both from the social sciences and the computational/data sciences. Participants with less experience with social science research will be expected to complete additional readings in advance of the Institute, and participants with less experience coding will be expected to complete a set of online learning modules on the R programming language. Students doing this preparatory work will be supported by a teaching assistant who will hold online office hours before the Institute.


See details for eligibility and apply by Friday, March 29, 2019. Note that this is a month after the main application deadline and after decisions about the main location are expected to have been made. If you have also applied to the Princeton location and have not yet heard from them at the time of your submission, please let us know in your cover letter. Applying to both locations will not affect your chances of being accepted to the Princeton location. However, we assume that if you are accepted there, you will not be joining us in Oxford.